Everything You Need to Know About Getting an Eyelash Lift

Clients with long, dense, and healthy natural eyelashes are the ideal candidates for eyelash tightening. However, those with shorter but healthier lashes can still benefit from the procedure. After a month or two of skipping mascara and using an eyelash conditioning serum, I decided to give keratin eyelash lifts a try. I booked an appointment at Envious Lashes in New York City and asked the studio founder all my questions.

Here's everything you need to know about getting an eyelash lift with keratin, plus a brutally honest account of my personal experience. The results of a keratin eyelash lift vary depending on the length and porosity of the eyelashes, but in general they last four to six weeks before the lashes start to diminish (and the dye starts to fade). During the procedure, your eyelashes are stuck together so you won't feel anything happening and there's little risk of chemicals entering your eyes. Eyelash lift is a highly advanced technique that gives volume, curl and length to natural eyelashes.

It's less damaging than traditional “perms” and produces a more natural effect than extensions. Most clients also choose to add an eyelash dye, which darkens them for a more noticeable effect. Hair, including eyelashes, is made of keratin, which means that this formula is intended to help protect the integrity of the eyelashes during treatment. After four weeks, I haven't noticed any difference in the curl or dye of my lashes.

My bare eyelashes look exactly the same as when I left Envious Lashes a month ago, although I use mascara when looking for a more glamorous look. If you're considering getting an eyelash lift, keep scrolling to answer all your burning questions such as how much do they cost, how long they last, and much more. Experts weigh in on exactly how eyelash lifts work and everything else you need to know if you want to try this technique in your search for fabulous bangs.

Kirsty Matthews
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