Can Eyelash Perms Cause Damage?

The truth is that getting an eyelash perm is equivalent to putting mildly caustic chemicals close to your incredibly delicate eyes. No matter how careful a technician may be, there is always the possibility that some chemicals will come into contact with the eye. Depending on how sensitive your eyes are, you could leave with just one eye that is slightly irritated or with a rash, redness, swelling, dry eyes, tearing, or blisters, all of which are possible side effects. Of course, the procedure is not without risks.

Eyelash perms, like many other eyelash enhancement beauty treatments, are not approved by the FDA. If you lived in the 80s and were unlucky enough to experience perm first hand, you already know that the permanent solution can burn. The eyes and the skin around them are extremely delicate and can be damaged, such as irritation, burning, or even blindness. If the solution is left to work for too long, it can fry the eyelashes and cause them to break or fall out.

You see, the permanent solution in the Lash Lift kit expires after 3 months. So, if you use an expired kit, the chemicals won't work as well and you could end up damaging your eyelashes. In fact, salons that perform eyelash lifts usually recommend eyelash serums like UKlash, as they make the results incredibly spectacular due to the extra length they add. The safest bet would be to research and find a certified and licensed professional to perform eyelash lifts.

Then, a solution will be applied that partially breaks the joints of the eyelashes, allowing them to take on any shape; usually, it is the curvature of the silicone eyelid pad. Be sure to start with a serum 24 to 48 hours after the eyelash lift to let it set first; otherwise, you could compromise the eyelash lifting effect. Many people report that with regular application, castor oil has helped them to develop thicker and longer eyelashes. I know, the idea of getting a perm comes straight from the 80s but that's exactly what an eyelash lift is based on.

While dryness is common for everyone after an eyelash lift, some women find that their eyelashes become brittle and break. The Asian woman gave me some cream for third degree burns and a comb for eyelashes; I went to the bathroom to try to comb them and the rest of my curly permanent eyelashes crumbled like ashes. However, instead of leaving you looking like a neglected poodle, they promise weeks of curly eyelashes from the moment you wake up until your head touches the pillow again hours after the last call. Using strong chemicals on eyelashes causes them to fall out faster than usual; the lifespan of eyelashes is usually about five months and perming can reduce it to two months after the procedure.

An expert beautician will adapt the experience to you and to the results you want, taking into account your natural length of your eyelashes and desired result. Few cosmetic enhancements seem as desirable as longer eyelashes in today's beauty market; from prescription serums to fiber masks and false and permanent eyelashes, the cosmetics industry is full of options for achieving lashes that defy gravity. An eyelash lift is basically a perm that provides lift and curvature to your lashes for weeks without having to handle tools, curlers and false lashes. An eyelash lift can bend your lashes too much if your technician uses wrong protector or rod size for your natural lashes.

There are very few things you can do to ensure a successful lash lift and it's mostly in hands of your technician. My eyes burned during procedure and then at night my eyes itched so much that I tore off some lashes in my sleep.

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