15 Best False Eyelashes to Transform Your Makeup

When it comes to enhancing your eye look, false eyelashes are a must-have. Available in a variety of styles, lengths, and cuts, false eyelashes can help you achieve a natural or dramatic look. Whether you're looking for a pair of lightweight and natural-looking lashes or something more glamorous and bold, there's something for everyone. Lilly Lashes Lite synthetic mink eyelashes are a great choice because of their super soft hair and strong band.

The Mykonos style is perfect for almond-shaped eyes, while the Miami style complements most eye shapes. For an affordable option, Ardell Natural Lash Black 120 is a multi-pack of five lightweight pairs that look and feel natural. Velour Lashes Velour Lashes Effortless No Trim Natural Lash Collection Short & Sweet is our top pick overall. These lashes fit most eye shapes, widen for a natural curl, and are easy to apply.

The Eliace false eyelash kit includes almost everything that novice and professional users need to improve their eye appearance on any occasion. For those who want to try the latest eyelash trends, Eylure eyelashes are one of the best false eyelashes because they are versatile. Magnetic eyelashes are also becoming increasingly popular; they attach to the upper lashes with a magnetically charged eyeliner and last up to two months with proper care. For those with hooded eyelids that are slightly bent downwards, it can be difficult to find false eyelashes that fit properly and don't stick out in the outer corners.

Made with a comfort-fit cotton strip, these fan-favorite false eyelashes provide dramatic length and a layered dimension for a fuller, thicker eyelash look. In the late 19th century, people were so obsessed with long eyelashes that they sewed them onto their eyelids with a needle and thread. Today, you can easily find the best false eyelashes that will help you transform your makeup and achieve a beautiful and bold eyelash look.

Kirsty Matthews
Kirsty Matthews

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