What is the Most Natural Eyelash Extension Curl?

Eyelash extensions are a popular beauty trend that can help you achieve a natural look with minimal effort. There are several types of eyelash extensions, such as curl B, C, D and L+. The most natural looking curl is the J curl, which is especially suitable for customers who have straight eyelashes pointing straight or upwards. If you apply a J-curl to natural eyelashes with a descending appearance, your eyes will look smaller and heavier.

C-curl eyelash extensions are the most popular type of eyelash extension preferred by customers. They have a straight, short base with a natural curl at the tip of the eyelash extension. This type of eyelash extension matches many people's natural curls and also complements all eye shapes, from hooded, round, almond shaped, folded down and up. The J-curl is the most popular type of curvature when it comes to creating a natural eyelash extension look.

The straight curl is designed to lift natural lashes and add some length. Classic eyelash extensions consist of a synthetic extension applied to a natural eyelash. Classic lashes look and feel more natural than voluminous lashes and are ideal for people who already have long and thick natural eyelashes. The curls are defined with a letter that represents the appearance of the curl.

The J-curl is obviously more J-shaped and is the least curly or lifted. Curl B is a minor or basic curl. The C-curl is the common curl that fits most people, the natural curl. The D-curl is the most dramatic and raised, it will be the most visible from the front, it is also the most popular.

The L-curl has a harder L-shape, making these lashes ideal if you work with clients who have hooded eyelids for whom the D-curvature simply isn't enough. Some people refer to this type of eyelash extension as curl cc-curl eyelashes, there isn't a big difference between the two. However, regardless of your client's ethnicity or age, you should always look closely at the client's natural eyelashes and decide what thickness is right for them. The length is largely decided by the length of your natural eyelashes, be careful not to lengthen them too long, as it can reduce retention or cause breakage.

If you're not sure about the thickness of your client's natural eyelashes, compare them to your eyelash extensions (which are labeled with the thickness) to determine the approximate diameter of natural eyelashes. The flat base and special curve in the middle part of LC Curl eyelash extensions give customers a beautiful look and open their eyes at the same time. To achieve a natural look with eyelash extensions, you should extend the length of your natural eyelashes by approximately 2 mm. B curl lashes offer a soft curl, a standard for naturally improved eyelash appearance with excellent retention.

Because of their dramatic upward curvature, if used for clients with natural eyelashes angled upwards or with heavily hooded eyelids, extensions can puncture the client's eyelids. Choosing the right eyelash extension with same features as natural lashes is the first step to achieving a natural look. Eyelash extensions have become a staple in beauty industry and many women use ease of extensions to minimize time they spend in front of mirror every day. EZ Lash's base curl is smoother than normal extension lashes and as result EZ Lash provides more adhesive area for extensions and allows much easier extension experience for beginning eyelash artists.

Generally speaking shorter extensions of 5 to 9 mm are used for inner corners or under eyelashes and extensions of 9 to 13 mm are used for most of set. The number of eyelash extensions in fan should vary depending on thickness of natural eyelashes and thickness of extensions being used. When using curlier false eyelashes such as D and U curls remember that when curl is strong length of extension will appear shorter. Avoid using this type of eyelash extension on hooded, deep, droopy eyes because how tight curls are.

Before choosing type of curl for your client you should know that angle of natural eyelashes will have big impact on final result of design.

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