The Best Lash Brands for Every Eye Shape

Lilly Lashes Lite synthetic mink eyelashes are a great choice for those looking for a super soft hair and strong band. Available in four different styles, the Mykonos style is perfect for almond-shaped eyes, while the Miami style is suitable for most eye shapes. Melanie Rud, a Chicago-based writer with 10 years of experience covering beauty topics, recommends Byrdie skincare products. To apply false eyelashes, start by covering your natural eyelashes with mascara and then place the false ones on top.

Practice makes perfect, so you can find games that have an adhesive strip on the back to make it easier. When choosing a set of eyelashes, look for one that is easy to apply and consider the materials used and the sparkle. You don't have to break the bank to find a good set of false eyelashes; Allura Lite eyelashes from House of Lashes are a great option. They are made of silk, making them feel light when worn, and they come with an applicator tool and a contour tray included.

Ardell eyelashes are also popular and come in many styles; the 120 lashes blend with existing bangs, providing a natural yet beautiful end result. For those looking for extra volume and length, UOMA Beauty's Black Magic Carnival Trinidad Lashes are perfect. They are made with very high quality synthetic fiber and come with an applicator tool, a contour tray and an adhesive. Colored Raine's ultra-lengthening set is ideal for those looking for a natural, smooth makeup look.

Finally, Amazon fan favorite 50 sets in five different styles range from natural to bold and come with a handy applicator. When choosing eyelashes, opt for synthetic fiber ones as they are cruelty free and consider the sparkle of the hair.

Kirsty Matthews
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