The Best False Eyelashes for Small Eyes: A Guide to Enhancing Your Look

False eyelashes can be a great way to enhance your look, but if you have small eyes, it can be difficult to find the right ones. Too big or long lashes can overwhelm your eyes and make them appear smaller. Instead, go for shorter lengths and try to avoid eyelashes longer than 12 mm. A good curl can prevent your eyelashes from casting a shadow over your eyes.

When it comes to finding the best false eyelashes for small eyes, there are a few things to consider. You'll want to look for lashes that are shorter in length and provide a more graduated look. You'll also want to opt for lashes that are made of natural human hair, as they will blend in more seamlessly with your natural lashes. Finally, you'll want to choose lashes that have a comfortable fit on a shorter lash line. One of the best false eyelashes for small eyes is the Ardell Premium Collection.

This model adds an impressive volume that widens to the outside to achieve an effortless curl that highlights the eyes, while having a 27 mm eyelash band. They are reusable up to five times and the set also includes a latex-free glue (which is formulated to last up to 18 hours) with an applicator with a brush. Reviewers have found that the glue keeps your eyelashes on “all day”, but you can also exchange it for the eyelash glue of your choice to use instead. For a complete customization of your eyelashes, opt for this set of individual eyelashes from Ardell. With your favorite eyelash glue (which you'll have to buy separately), you can apply them wherever you want more volume.

They have a knot-free design that helps them blend perfectly with the eyelashes, and many critics agree that synthetic hairs look convincingly natural. The manufacturer does not specify how many times these individual eyelashes can be reused. If you're looking for more dramatic lashes, try this set of strappy lashes from Ardell. This set includes 112 short individual eyelashes, but you can also purchase a package that includes individual medium length eyelashes. The best false eyelashes for small faces balance the addition of volume and length while avoiding the overwhelming effect. The best eyelashes for almond eyes will add length and volume to your eyelids without overloading them.

Eyelashes should frame your eyes, not overwhelm them. You'll look much more attractive with fewer eyelashes on your eyelids. The term hooded describes how the crease of the eyelid hides part of the eyelid when the eyes are open, making the entire eyelid not visible. Dramatic, long, thick eyelashes can often appear too heavy and make the eyes appear smaller. Instead, choose shorter, more natural-looking eyelashes.

Lashes that are a little longer in the center can also help create an illusion of depth. If you don't have much natural eyelash volume, you can start with just one short false eyelash and slowly increase the length. Rounded eyelashes start longer at the inner corner of the eyelid and taper toward the outer corner. Below, you'll find six of the best false eyelashes for small eyes on Amazon, all examined by customers who've tried them and loved them:

  • DESIRES Lashes
  • Ardell Premium Collection
  • Ardell Strappy Lashes
  • Ardell Individual Lashes
  • Ardell Three-Quarter Length Strip
  • Ardell 112 Short Individual Lashes
False eyelashes can be a great way to enhance your look and make small eyes look brighter and more visible. With these tips in mind, you'll be able to find the perfect pair of false lashes for your small eyes!.

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