How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Eyelash extensions can be a great way to enhance your look and give your eyes a natural volume that makes mascara unnecessary. With proper care and application, they can last up to six weeks. However, the time between each filler will always depend on the aftercare of the eyelashes, the natural cycle of the eyelashes and the number of eyelashes you have to work with. It is recommended to fill your eyelashes every 2 to 4 weeks to make them look full. It is important to have realistic expectations about the eyelash extension process before you commit to buying this service for yourself.

A licensed and certified eyelash expert will customize each set of eyelash extensions for each individual customer, using between three and five different lengths and up to two different curvatures. Ramy Gafni, famous makeup and brow guru, advises opting for extensions that align with the shape of your existing eyelashes, rather than extra long and dramatic eyelashes. Unlike false eyelashes, in which the strip or individual eyelashes are applied to the skin, eyelash extensions are attached directly to the eyelash itself. As tempting as it may seem, it is important to resist the need to play with your eyelashes all day long or while you clean yourself. Playing with extensions can not only pull out false eyelashes, but it can also end up damaging your natural eyelashes. It usually takes a little bit of oil-based cleanser to remove them, and we've learned that's a big no-no when it comes to extensions.

Before you pick up the phone and ask your eyelash makeup artist, you should check if your eyelashes are falling out with natural eyelashes (you can see a white tip) or just with the extension section. In general, if you lose a lot of natural eyelashes with extensions, the problem is with your eyelash technician. Touchups are required every two to three weeks, Richardson says. If you don't have enough extensions left to fill because you liked the feel, the technician may charge you more, up to the cost of a new game. He also warns that you should not be exposed to steam, rubbing your eyes or sleeping on your stomach as factors that can damage your eyelashes; once I got too close to an open oven and realized that the heat had caused my eyelashes to scorch and curl.

If you're in any of these situations, you may need to contact your current eyelash technician and find someone else. We found some interesting cases where women weren't very used to their eyelash extensions, but were too embarrassed to go back to their eyelash artist to have them removed. With proper application and care, however, eyelash extensions won't ruin your natural lashes. It is important to remember that eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that are applied individually to each strand of your natural lashes and require maintenance in order for them to last.

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