The Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extension Curls

Are you looking for the perfect curl for your eyelash extensions? With so many different types of curls available, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. In this article, we'll discuss the different types of curls available and which one is best for your natural lashes. The C-curl is the most popular curl when it comes to creating a natural eyelash extension look. This curl has a slight downward angle, which can provide a good lift of the eyelashes and expose the user's eyes.

It's the safest option if you're not sure which curl to use. The J-curl is another popular type of curl that is designed to lift natural lashes and add some length. It has a flat base with a rough curl facing up, making it ideal for clients with sunken eyes, hooded eyes and droopy eyelids. The L-curl is perfect for creating a natural look, as it lifts the natural line of the eyelashes without overloading the look or making it look artificial.

On straight lashes, the L-curl can expand the look of the eyes, although it's not ideal for eyelashes that are tilted down or up. The U-curl, also known as the curliest type of eyelash extensions, creates a spectacular effect on both straight and descending lashes. For those who also have eyelashes that curl horizontally, this type of eyelash extension curl can create the wrist-eye look. The C+ curl is perfect for customers who have eyelashes facing down, but may not be right for those with eyelashes that are pronounced downward.

It curls up and if you add it to customers with lashes up, there are chances that it will sag or prick their natural eyelashes. It's always good to keep a wide variety of eyelash curls in mind at all times, since you'll never know who your next customer is. If you need to stock up on eyelashes for your clients, or even for yourself, The Lash Professional offers all the curls and sizes you need. Remember that it is your responsibility to guide and explain to your clients why a certain length is more ideal for the condition of their natural eyelashes. With so many different types of curls available, it's important to choose the right one for your client's individual needs.

Discover 15 different types of curls for eyelash extensions, which curl style to use for doll eyes, cat eyes, monolids, hooded eyes, deep eyes and much more to learn as an eyelash professional.

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