Everything You Need to Know About Synthetic Mink Lashes

Synthetic mink is a type of premium synthetic eyelash that was designed to replicate the quality and fineness of real mink eyelashes. It is a vegan-friendly option made of plastic fibers, which have been improved over the years to look more natural. Silk eyelash extensions are a medium-weight, medium-price option that are lighter, thinner and more flexible than synthetic plastic eyelash extensions, but not as thin as mink, fox or horse hair eyelashes. They have a shorter narrowing than natural mink lashes, meaning that the body of the eyelash is thicker at the base.

Synthetic mink eyelashes are man-made and slightly natural, retaining their curly shape depending on the length of the extensions. Synthetic eyelashes can be applied to look natural and blend in with the lashes, but usually have a wider or thicker curl than mink eyelash extensions. Human hair cannot be styled in the same way as synthetic hair, resulting in an uneven application and appearance. Easy to buy and apply on their own, synthetic eyelash extensions were all the rage when they first went on sale. For synthetic silk eyelashes, the use of the term “silk” is not entirely accurate for this type of eyelashes, since most silk eyelash extensions are not made of 100% silk, but rather of a combination of materials that give these lashes a silky, shiny appearance and a semi-gloss finish. One of the most important questions about mink eyelash extensions is whether or not minks were killed to get the eyelashes.

Genuine mink lashes should be made permanent or curled with heat, and you'll need to keep curling them at home to maintain that curly look, as they lose their curl every time they get wet. To differentiate them from the other eyelash types, manufacturers tend to create silk lashes with a glossy finish coating, and mink is coated with a more matte or satin finish. Synthetic eyelashes should only be used once and discarded later, while mink extensions can be used multiple times and still maintain their natural look and shape. Synthetic plastic eyelashes are usually made of a plastic fiber called PBT or polybutylene terephthalate. It is important to obtain mink eyelashes only from a professional who obtains them from reputable distributors.

With all this information in mind, you can now make an informed decision when it comes to choosing between synthetic mink lashes and other types of eyelash extensions.

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