How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

The good news is that if you follow the technician's advice for aftercare, you'll have long, full eyelashes for four to six weeks. According to Clementina Richardson, founder of the Envious Lashes salons, properly applied eyelash extensions can last up to six weeks. When an eyelash falls out, so will the false eyelash attached to it. It is important to avoid exposure to steam, rubbing your eyes or sleeping on your stomach as these activities can damage your eyelashes.

For example, I once got too close to an open oven and noticed that the heat had caused my eyelashes to scorch and curl. Most eyelash extensions look great between two and four weeks. During this time, the extensions will remain full and fluffy. When your eyelashes start to look and feel different, you'll need to go back to your eyelash artist for a retouch.

Touchups are usually cheaper than the original set of eyelashes. The only way to remove your eyelashes is with a professional. Trying to do it yourself can result in tearing out or breaking your eyelashes, so it's not worth it. Generally, eyelash extensions last between three and four weeks, but don't be surprised if you need to replace them sooner.

Nowadays, there are many different options for eyelash extensions, such as pink, green, orange and blue locks, which will not only enhance your natural lashes but also add a fun touch of color to your daily glamour. Because eyelashes are at different stages in their growth cycle at any given time, the extensions won't fall out all at once and you may start noticing holes a few weeks after you've placed them. While you don't need to put on mascara once you have extensions, sometimes you'll want to add a little more drama to your look. For anyone considering them for the first time, knowing how long eyelash extensions last is an important factor in deciding if they're really worth it.

Ramy Gafni, famous makeup and eyebrow guru, advises opting for extensions that align with the shape of your existing lashes rather than extra long and dramatic lashes. What I didn't expect was how sparse my old eyelashes looked compared to once my extensions started to fall out. While you may need to do a retouch about three weeks after applying your extensions, not all eyelash extensions fall out evenly. To keep them looking their best for longer, it is important to avoid rubbing or touching your eyes too much.

That's much easier said than done, but if you're a chronic eye fanatic, you have to quit your habit if you want to continue using eyelash extensions. He told me they were eyelash extensions and delved into details about how comfortable they felt, how long they lasted and how much faster his morning routine without mascara was. Micellar water is also an excellent option for preserving the adhesion of extensions and removing dirt from them in general. A variety of eyelash lengths are available; your eyelash technician will be able to decide which length is best for you.

If you don't want touch-ups and want to remove your extensions naturally, you'll have to wait almost eight weeks for the last piece to fall off. It takes a day or two to get used to the feeling of wearing extensions, but I found them much more comfortable than strappy lashes.

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