Hybrid and Russian Eyelash Extensions: What's the Difference?

Hybrid eyelash extensions are a combination of classic and Russian eyelash extensions, offering more volume than the classic ones, but looking more natural than the Russian ones. They take up to two hours to apply, depending on the desired look, and require fillers every three weeks. Hybrid lashes don't look fake or unnatural when done correctly, and they are the best personalized style that exists now. The application process is fairly quick and simple, making it ideal for any occasion.

Hybrid lashes are a mix of 70 to 30 classic lashes and voluminous lashes. Volume eyelash extensions are a great option for customers looking to add length and volume. They are good for customers who want to extend their natural eyelashes and have a hard time finding an eyelash salon that offers both types. Volume eyelashes tend to look more natural and offer a smoother look than classic eyelashes. They are incredibly long, making them an ideal choice for people who aren't sure about applying eyelashes.

Russian eyelashes will look much thicker and fuller, while classic eyelashes usually look more natural. Classic eyelashes are the most common type of eyelash extension, which are used for more traditional and natural eyelash looks. They need fillers because there are fewer lashes when they break or fall out, so there are fewer lashes to maintain the look. Prefabricated or professionally made fans are usually groups that weigh on natural eyelashes and cause eyelash loss. For a volume set, the cost per full set is higher than that of a classic set because it requires more time and total lashes. This is because voluminous eyelashes require a higher level of skill and a greater investment of time on the part of the technician, since they make the fans by hand beforehand.

Hybrid eyelash extensions offer the best of both worlds - they can be personalized to create the perfect look without spending too much money.

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