10 Essential Products Every Lash Tech Needs

As an eyelash technician, you need to have the right products to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for your customers. Here are 10 must-have products that every lash tech should have in their storage: different types of adhesive glue, eyelash tweezers for every style, quality eyelash extensions, eyelash cleaner, eyelash base and microbrushes, eyelash reels or mascara sticks, nail polish remover eyelashes, adhesive remover for eyelashes, nano mister, and an ergonomic memory foam pillow. The fine tweezers ensure the control needed to properly apply each eyelash. Because a semi-permanent eyelash is so small, you need a tool that offers maximum control.

Choose tweezers that fit comfortably in your hand and make sure to properly sterilize them between customers. A sealant can increase the lifespan of each semi-permanent eyelash extension by strengthening the bond and providing an additional layer and protection. Gel eye pads can aid in the technical procedure and cooling pads can also be a matter of comfort for customers. We highly recommend buying the eyelash glue that suits your tying speed.

If you want to challenge your precision and speed, you can choose a faster-drying eyelash adhesive, such as Supreme Lash Glue. However, when you're learning, try a bottle first and practice with a mooring mannequin. It is important to find a high-quality eyelash glue that is colorless and latex-free, such as LASHGOD Magical Bond adhesive. An eyelash primer is very important to ensure long-lasting eyelash extensions as it removes all remaining residues and oils left on your client's natural eyelashes and lash line before application.

There are also specific types of tweezers depending on the type of eyelash extensions. For example, use straight or I-shaped tweezers for classic eyelash extensions and L-shaped or curved tweezer for volume lashes. It is necessary to clean the natural eyelashes and the lash line thoroughly to ensure that the extensions have the best bond and retention. Choose the right eyelash cleanser with a deep cleansing formula to remove all persistent residues and grease from your client's lashes without drying them out.

Choose an eyelash tape that leaves no residue and is gentle enough for all customers. A nanomister can reduce the drying and curing time of the eyelash adhesive you used on your client from 24 to 48 hours to 4 to 10 hours. As a result, your customer has a lower chance of throwing away or damaging their extensions. Eyelashes are sold in different levels of thickness so consider the diameter of each when buying them. Under-eye pads were created specifically for applying eyelash extensions as they separate the lower lashes from the upper lashes and keep tweezers sharp and pointed away from the client's delicate eye area. Many lash technicians are self-employed and need to buy all their equipment and products from scratch with sometimes limited budgets.

Here at Pinkfishes we've done the research so you don't have to. Pillows make treatments more relaxing for clients as they help keep them still during treatment, helping lashes be placed efficiently without having to readjust angles at which they move their heads. The Pinkfish ergonomic memory foam pillow comes with a number of beneficial features such as memory foam material that allows customers to immerse themselves in it and adjustable curved support. When buying eyelashes, we suggest mixed boxes as they contain several different lengths in one box which is practical when starting out as it covers the entire lash line from smallest to longest lashes. Learn about different thicknesses used to create different styles of extensions so you can choose the correct thickness in relation to the treatment you are performing. Finally, choose your glue carefully as it is arguably the most important item on this list. Consider drying time when starting out as adhesives have a range of drying times.

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