The Best Eyelash Serums for Longer, Thicker Lashes

When it comes to achieving longer, thicker eyelashes, there are a variety of options available. From natural alternatives to highly functional masks, there is something for everyone. Our best overall choice is the Grande Cosmetics GrandeLash-MD eyelash enhancer serum. This fan favorite is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids that leave eyelashes longer and thicker at a reasonable price.

For a natural alternative, consider LashFood's Phyto-Medic eyelash enhancer. And for a highly functional mask option, Talika created a cosmetic hybrid with many benefits of her cult favorite serum. Murphy-Rose points out that it contains an ingredient that improves eyelashes with each use, regardless of their length. It's “rich in coleus forskohlii,” he says, “a natural pigmentation stimulator to darken eyelashes.” It's also packed with peptides. Many of the best eyelash serums also contain a set of nutrients and vitamins to condition your eyelashes. Biotin, which helps the body to metabolize proteins, is a common addition, as is hydrating panthenol.

While all eyelash serums on the UK market have been rigorously tested, it's important to use common sense when choosing any new product. A patch test is a good idea, and always closely monitor your skin's reaction to the serum and stop using it if you experience redness or irritation. The last release of Augustinus Bader was not the one we expected, but after a month of use, we can say that it stands out. The brand's eyelash and eyebrow serum is milky and nourishing, with the exclusive TFC8 nutrient complex along with polyphenol-rich flower extracts that increase circulation in the follicles, encourage keratin production and reduce hair loss. If your eyelashes tend to feel dry and brittle, this is one you should trust. Uklash may be a new name, but it's already gaining a loyal following for its effective eyelash growth serum.

This popular formula contains peptides, panthenol and a green tea extract, which is said to stimulate follicles. Rapidlash, a long-time favorite, contains a patented combination of peptides, biotin, panthenol and nourishing pumpkin seed extract. The brand claims that eight weeks of daily use will produce noticeably longer, darker and denser eyelashes. The Ordinary's predictably affordable eyelash serum is more of a conditioner, but it's sure to fly out of stores anyway. A plethora of hydrating ingredients are reinforced by a stimulating peptide to create an eyelash-enhancing formula that's clearly worth trying. This formula, tested by ophthalmologists, contains peptides along with a series of nourishing and soothing extracts such as aloe vera and camellia leaf.

In-depth moisturizer, it's an excellent choice for dry and brittle eyelashes. Lashfood, the only Ecocert-certified eyelash serum uses a blend of hydrolyzed soy and rice proteins to nourish eyelashes instead of traditional peptides. It's vegan-friendly, deeply hydrating and gentle enough for sensitive skin. Vistnes says that the two best-known products that have effective active ingredients are Latisse and Revitalash. You'll have to prescribe Latisse but I repeat; it can make your eyelashes appear much longer.

Senior beauty editor Erin Jahns tried it out and saw results in about six weeks. The Pacifica formula infuses moisturizing vegan collagen and vitamins B and E to moisturize eyelashes and “create a thicker appearance” when using mascara on top according to Dr. Velour Lashes mascara will not only instantly make your eyelashes look longer but it also works as a serum that will help them grow over time. This Peter Thomas Roth serum comes with a unique applicator that makes it easy to apply the product both to the lash line and to the entire lash line so you can use it on both the upper and lower lash lines. In my quest for longer wavier eyelashes one of my old addictions was to wear eyelash extensions frequently but too many eyelash extensions can cause some damage to natural eyelashes. It promotes longer denser and healthier eyelashes and eyebrows while temporarily accentuating them. This dermatologist-tested eyelash serum has it all—cruelty free paraben-free toxin-free and fragrance-free but it works hard to give you naturally longer denser lashes. This affordable drugstore selection is formulated with biotin and peptides to condition and nourish eyelashes leaving them feeling smoother and looking fuller and healthier.

The formula contains vitamins amino acids and antioxidants to help increase lash length and strength in approximately four to six weeks (with regular use). Applied every night only to the upper lash line this product promises to offer lush longer-looking lashes. Vistnes adds that Revitalash works in a similar way to Latisse but has another component: creating a curl in the eyelash growth pattern. A classic but very good one the Talika Lipocils Expert Ultimate Eyelash Growth eyelash growth serum is applied like a mascara but acts like an eyelash serum. Experts point out that the prescription gel for eyelash growth Latisse is the only FDA-approved treatment for hypotrichosis (inadequate lashes).

Debra Lin explains that she also “takes advantage of vitamin B complexes with pumpkin seed extract and hyaluronic acid to achieve stronger smoother and healthier looking lashes. This eyelash enhancement serum contains NouriPlex technology which is a blend of four key ingredients to improve thickness volume and density.

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